Immokalee 21st Century

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FGCU Renaissance Academy, 1010 5th Avenue South #100, Naples, Fl 34102

THIS IS A COMPLETELY NEW IMMOKALEE PRESENTATION. Carlene is midway through writing a sequel to her 2012 book, Immokalee's Fields of Hope, and will share her observations of the community today. "Fields of Hope" became real, as children and grandchildren of immigrant farm workers we met in the first book have grown up, gone to college and come back to Immokalee to give back to the community they love. From corporate agriculture to many alternatives today, we discuss the question, "Is agriculture dead in Immokalee?" Yet still today, many of Immokalee's residents still are not here legally, and we will discuss the reasons why - the ins and outs of immigration policies and their effect on the town. Fulfilling the dream focuses on schools, sports, and non-profits, followed by a discussion of perceptions from inside and outside, poverty, race and divisions, and finally answering the question, "What is American?"