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What drew a half million people together in 1969 for three days of peace and music? Carlene Thissen presents ‘WOODSTOCK MEMORIES,” a show that features a historical perspective brought to life by her own memories and experiences. 

Carlene traces the social and political events that inspired the music that led up to the festival and how the music, in turn inspired the movements. WOODSTOCK MEMORIES is a multi-media experience that takes you back, whether you were there or not, and challenges you to change the world.


Based on the book authored by Carlene Thissen, “Immokalee’s Fields of Hope,” this program takes you on a journey that begins in this agricultural community with the Seminole Indian, white, black and Tejano residents.

In this multi-media cultural program, Carlene then weaves the personal, intimate stories of the Mexican, Guatemalan and Haitian immigrants with the political histories of their home countries, through the power of her original music. At the same time, Carlene lets you see inside her time in Immokalee and how these beautiful people have forever changed her life.


Based on Carlene’s book, “Called from Silence,” hear the story of Father Richard Sanders who served farm workers in Naples and Immokalee, Florida. Carlene came to know and love Father Sanders through the stories the farm workers shared as she wrote her first book. She spent two years writing this novel-like biography. 

Carlene tells this story of changes with pictures and original music: Father Sanders was a Trappist Monk who left the silence of his South Carolina abbey to help the poor during the boiling emotions of the 1960s. 

He died at age 47, was buried next to his church in Immokalee and his legacy continues to inspired people today. This program encourages the audience to follow in his footsteps and to know that we, too, can change our world.