Called From Silence
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Called From Silence


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Called from Silence is a compelling look at modern history and the forces that changed a nation, a Church and a man. Torn from seclusion by the unrelenting cry of the poor, Father Sanders inspired his people to change their world. It is a story of faith, and how, in many ways, we can all be like Jesus.
Father Sanders never set out to become a priest to migrant farm workers. He never thought he would die young and be remembered as "The Soul of Immokalee." All he really wanted was to spend his life in silent contemplation. What drew him into a Trappist monastery in 1957 when he was just nineteen years old? What kept him there during the most turbulent decide in modern history? What finally called him and and kept him from returning to the only way of living that might have saved his life? These answers and much more come out in the pages of Called from Silence. This book is temporarily out of print but will be back soon!

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