Perfect Blend: CD
  • Perfect Blend: CD

Perfect Blend: CD

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Beautiful CD of religious songs about faith and hope, including several "story songs" about Jesus, Mary, Martha and also real people in Immokalee, Florida. They were all written by Carlene Thissen except for one - a very special magic duet between Mary Magdalene and the Risen Jesus that I named Go Out and Tell. Here's how that gift happened: Father Fred Conocenti at our church in Immokalee, Florida, one day handed me a handwritten lead sheet with no title or composer. It had single notes, chords and lyrics and he asked, "Can you learn this?" Choir member Rubin "Benny" Reyna and I recorded the song in the ladies room of Our Lady of Guadalupe's catechism building, the best acoustics on the church grounds, and I brought it back to Naples to the studio to do the finished work on it.
Other favorites of mine on this album are the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mary's Heart and Martha's Hands; a duet between an insecure Mary and Joseph called Because You're Jesus; Mary's Heart and Martha's Hands; and of course, Take These Hands.

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