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Because You're Jesus
Carlene Thissen and Grace Ballinger, Copyright 2011


One silent night in Bethlehem, Joseph helped the babe be born
He sadly watched his wife, asleep, Laid down with cows and sheep
“How can I let them stay this way, Mother and babe, asleep in hay?
I'm not the man that I should be, Why would God choose me?”

Mary woke and gently smiled - At her husband with her child

“Because you're Joseph - Because you'll love us
Because you understand that star that shines above us
We'll be a family - You'll teach him carpentry
You'll be everything to him a father should be,
Because you're Joseph.”

As Mary held her baby boy, Fears overcame her joy
In spite of what the angels said, She was still afraid
“In my arms – is God's own Son, But I am just a lowly one,”
I'm not the mother He will need, Why would God choose me?”

Joseph held her tenderly - And wiped her tears away

“Because you're Mary - The angel told me
You are everything the mother of God should be
He will learn from you - In all the things you do,
You are blessed among women, God is with you.”
Because you're Mary.”

Shepherds came from hills above
night of peace, night of love
Wise men came to see the Son
Knelt before the promised One


“Holy, baby --- you'll make us all free
God is with us now and evermore will be
The angel told us, to name you Jesus
You are the Christ and one day this will be called Christmas.”

Because you're Jesus ---- Jesus ----- It's Christmas