I'm taking a little time off this summer to work on a new Immokalee book, BUT I'm available to perform if you need me!  I'll be posting a fall/winter schedule in the next few months.   Have a wonderful summer!

Tour of Immokalee - Renaissance Academy

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Naples, FL Target shopping lot

Carlene is a tour guide for this fascinating day visiting our nearby neighbor, Immokalee. Sights include RCMA's historical mural, the Collier County Pioneer Museum; Lake Trafford memorial gardens; Lake Trafford marina and rustic zoo; lunch at Lozano's restaurant; the newly constructed Our Lady of Guadalupe catholic church; produce shopping at the Farmer's Market; a stop at the Mexican bakery and a drive-through on the way home of nearby Ave Maria.


Holiday Juletrefest

No. Ft. Myers

Carlene will be singing, backed up by her guitar and piano, plus entertain with stories in between.